7 Must-Have Packing Supplies When Moving into Your Storage Unit

From reducing clutter within the home to finding the space needed to operate a small business, off-site storage units often have a great deal to offer. Whether you are interested in long-term storage solutions or the means to plan an easier and more successful move, the following supplies and resources can often make a crucial difference when it comes time to move into your storage unit.

1. Packing List and Itinerary

Attention to detail is of paramount importance during any move. Having a master packing list or maintaining an effective itinerary can help to ensure that nothing goes overlooked during your next move. A written inventory list can also ensure that retrieving any items from storage may be done more quickly and easily. Try using an inventory list app to keep things conveniently close to your fingertips.

2. Spare of Blankets and Other Padding

Protecting furnishings, boxes and other items from harm during a move can be a more difficult undertaking for those who lack the right resources. Having plenty of blankets and other padding materials on hand will help to minimize the risk to items during your next move.

3. Lift-Assist Equipment

Dollies, carts and other lift-assist equipment can make it much easier to handle bulky items, heavy boxes and other possessions that may be too difficult to lift or move by hand. Improper lifting techniques can result in damaged belongings or even personal injury. Ensuring that you have full access to any lift-assist equipment needed is never a concern that should be left to chance.

4. A Secure Padlock

When it comes to long-term storage security can often be a very important concern. If you are seeking to store high-dollar items or other valuables, enhanced security can often provide much-needed peace of mind. Having a sturdy padlock will help to ensure that all items are able to be kept safe and secure.

5. Effective Transportation or Hiring a Moving Company

A bigger truck can help to minimize the number of trips, overall time and total cost of your upcoming move. Borrowing a vehicle from a friend or arranging to rent a van or truck ahead of time ensures that effective transportation is less likely to become an issue. If your move is a simple one from a house to a storage unit in the same city, it may be cost effective to hire a cheap local moving company. These movers Houston say that the typical moving rate is around $100 an hour with a two-hour minimum. Depending on the number of belongings you are placing in storage, most moving companies can accomplish the task in just 2-3 hours. The effort saved could be well worth the expense.

6. Additional Help and Assistance

Attempting to move too much without assistance is a common mistake. An extra pair of hands can often go a long way towards ensuring the entire moving process can be completed more quickly, efficiently and without issue.

7. The Right Storage Environment

From climate-controlled units to storage options that provide enhanced physical security, finding the right option, service or unit is an issue that should never be left to chance. Dealing with the wrong service provider may complicate the move or place greater stress on your bottom line.

Planning the Perfect Move

While storage units may have much to offer, failing to properly plan a move-in can be a very costly misstep. When it comes to making the most out of your storage unit, a little preparation and access to the right resources can go a long way towards ensuring your next move is a successful one. Be sure to check out our post on organizing your storage unit for five helpful tips!


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5 Most Common Reasons for Renting Storage Space

Renting a storage unit can provide you with flexible cost-effective solutions for a variety of situations and concerns. From starting a new business to ensuring your upcoming move can be completed without issue, access to the right storage solution can often make a considerable difference. The following five reasons highlight a handful of potential benefits that renting storage space may provide. The need for more convenient and affordable storage solutions has been the driving force behind the current industry-wide boom.

One: Lower Cost Per Square Foot

Renting storage space can provide a frugal alternative to storing items and belongings within the home or workplace. Access to storage space that may be found at a fraction of the cost per square foot of a home or office may allow you to enjoy greater savings than you might have imagined.

Make sure that your personal belongings are safe when moving. Rent a storage space that suites your budget.
Make sure that your personal belongings are safe when moving. Rent a storage space that suites your budget.

Two: Starting a New Business

Renting a storage unit can provide you with the space needed to start a new business. Having inventory, merchandise and even equipment cluttering up the home can create many problems. Access to a private, secure or even climate-controlled storage environment ensures that you will have the space needed to get your new startup or venture off the ground.

Three: Home Upgrades and Renovations

Freeing up the space needed for renovations and other home-improvement projects can be a more challenging undertaking for households that are limited to only the storage solutions and environments found on-site. Moving the contents of a room or area into a storage unit is a quick and easy way to ensure that your next home upgrade can be undertaken with far greater ease.

Four: Moving and Relocation

Even under the best conditions, moving to a new location can often be an ordeal. Renting a storage unit can allow you to store items without having to worry about moving dates and time tables. For larger households and even modest-sized businesses, access to a storage unit before and after a move can help to ensure that the entire process is a smooth and issue-free as possible.

Stop worrying where to store your things when doing home upgrades and renovations. Keep everything organized by finding available storage units near you.
Stop worrying where to store your things when doing home upgrades and renovations. Keep everything organized by finding available storage units near you.

Five: Seasonal Storage

From lawn-care equipment to bicycles and patio furniture, finding a safe place to store seasonal items through the winter or during the rest of the year could be easier than you might expect. Trying to cram everything into a garage or closet can make finding specific items all but impossible. Renting a storage unit can make it much easier to store and retrieve seasonal items.

Seeking Out the Best Storage Solutions

Storing items and belongings in the home or workplace could prove to be a costly mistake. Freeing up the space and environments that may be better utilized in other ways can allow you to make the most of your property. Safe, secure and cost-effective storage solutions that can provide you with greater flexibility and convenience may not be a resource that you can afford to pass up. Seeking out the best storage solutions will allow you to tackle everything from home renovations to planning your next move with greater ease and success.

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