There’s an App for That

In today’s digital society, it’s no surprise that there are moving apps. This generation thrives on convenience and immediate results at the touch of a button. So, whip out your smartphone and check out these awesome apps that’ll help you organize your inventory the next time you move.

The Most Helpful Apps for Tracking Inventory

1. Move Advisor

This all-inclusive app is one of the leading choices in the real estate industry. Specifically made to help you home and apartment moving, it was featured in the New York Post and recommended by National Association of Realtors. Move Advisor guides users through every step of your relocation.

The inventory portion of this app is one-of-a-kind. It features a virtual platform that allows you to drag and drop inventory pictures by room. Simply add furniture and different box sizes to each room, and your estimated item weight will be calculated for you. It’ll even estimate how many blankets you’ll need.

Move Advisor also includes the latest moving news and tips, mover ratings and recommendations, and a timeline to keep you on track. You can get free quotes to hire moving services in your area. The best part of this unique application: it’s free!

2. Sortly

An iOS app tailored just for inventory, Sortly takes it up a level with individual and business plan options. The free plan is great for basic users that need to keep track of everyday household items. You can add up to 100 items and customize them by name, tags, value, and notes. For those with larger inventories, the Pro plan comes with unlimited inventory and secure cloud storage.

Sortly takes the cake for business users. The Pro plan includes a multitude of features including the ability to track items with barcodes and customizable QR codes, multi-user and customer access, various tracking abilities, and a quick-scan checkout feature. You can even personalize your Sortly account with your company logo and custom colors.

3. Dream Vault

Created by American Family Insurance, Dream Vault is a unique approach to home inventory. This iOS and Android app allow users to organize their belongings by category, room, value, and even property (for those with vacation or commercial properties). You can include item descriptions, pictures, and purchase dates.

What’s special about using Dream Vault is its ability to create reports. This portion of the app saves inventories as PDF documents. Users can then email their reports to insurance agents for safekeeping and insurance claims.

Tips for Organizing Your Inventory Lists

Creating an inventory of your household items is an overwhelming task. Whether you prefer to use one of these convenient apps or you’re a DIY type of mover, there are some basic ideas to get you started. Refer to these tips next time you plan to relocate or if you just want to keep track of your stuff.

  • Start by making a list. This is an obvious, but necessary task. Grab a notebook or use an excel sheet to make a simple list of your possessions.
  • Gather receipts, warranties, and other important documentation. The most thorough way to organize these items is to go down your list and find them for each item. Group and clip them by item, so they’re ready to scan or file.
  • Take pictures of everything. A quick snap of each household item doesn’t always cut it, especially with expensive items like jewelry and electronics. It’s important to take pictures of the item, the model or serial number, and close-ups of the item’s condition.

Choose the Inventory Tool that Works for You

There are a lot of options for storing your inventory information. You can choose to create your spreadsheet, use a pre-made template, or get super organized with an app. There are even inventory services available if you’re looking to pay a professional to get the job done for you.

Determine what features (if any) are most important to you, the type of inventory you need to keep, and what your price point is. This information will lead you in your search for the right inventory tool, so you can organize your stuff exactly how you want it.

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