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5 Tips for Organizing Your Storage Unit

There are many reasons why you might need a self-storage unit. Perhaps you need temporary furniture storage while you look for a new place to live, or you’re embarking on a military deployment, or maybe you are downsizing and want to keep sentimental treasures. Perhaps you are starting your own small business and need a commercial storage space to store the tools of your trade until you rent a workspace. Whatever the reason, a self-storage unit can be a great convenience, but making the most of your storage rental requires careful thought and planning. After you have chosen your unit, here are some tips for organizing your space and maximizing its usefulness.

1. Organize by Category

Have a logical plan for the way you store items in your unit. It does not make sense to put one box of out-of-season clothes in one corner and the second box in another. You may want to allot the space by category: Christmas and Halloween decorations in the back, books, and music near the front. Our friends at NYC self storage company, Imperial Self Storage, also point out that you should arrange the unit by how often you may need to use the items. Store boxes you may need to access frequently where they are easiest to locate and open.

2. Neatness Counts

Avoid the temptation to toss your belongings in with the intention of coming back later to arrange and organize. ‘Later’ has a funny way of never coming around. The time you spend arranging and organizing when you first load-in will be saved many times over when you must look for something in a hurry. Depending on the size of your unit and the amount of stuff you have, you should budget anywhere from a few hours to an entire weekend for the initial organizing.

3. Label Every Single Box, Bag, and Bundle

While it may be easy now to remember now that the reused Amazon shipping box contains garden tools, next spring it may not be so easy. Use a permanent marker to label the top and sides of each box in large, legible letters. Also, avoid cryptic abbreviations such as ‘GR TLS.’ In six months, you may be scratching your head. Gray tiles? Green trolls? To make things even more legible, try using a label-making software that’s compatible with your home printer.

4. Look for Inexpensive Shelving Units

Self-storage and organization are big business and merchandisers are scurrying to cash in. Look at closeout and discount stores for cheap shelving that is easy to assemble. You will fill the floor space of your unit very quickly, so make use of as much wall space as you can.

5. Let There Be Light

If there is no light fixture in your unit, look for a high-quality battery-powered lantern and leave it in the unit, being sure to turn it off when you leave. Keep extra batteries, and light bulbs close by, and you will never be left in the dark.

Of course, your primary concern will be the safety and security of your belongings. Keep in mind there are some things that should not be kept in a self-storage unit. But common sense, a good plan, and some careful organizing will result in convenient storage, peace of mind, and a positive experience.


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5 Most Common Reasons for Renting Storage Space

Renting a storage unit can provide you with flexible cost-effective solutions for a variety of situations and concerns. From starting a new business to ensuring your upcoming move can be completed without issue, access to the right storage solution can often make a considerable difference. The following five reasons highlight a handful of potential benefits that renting storage space may provide. The need for more convenient and affordable storage solutions has been the driving force behind the current industry-wide boom.

One: Lower Cost Per Square Foot

Renting storage space can provide a frugal alternative to storing items and belongings within the home or workplace. Access to storage space that may be found at a fraction of the cost per square foot of a home or office may allow you to enjoy greater savings than you might have imagined.

Make sure that your personal belongings are safe when moving. Rent a storage space that suites your budget.
Make sure that your personal belongings are safe when moving. Rent a storage space that suites your budget.

Two: Starting a New Business

Renting a storage unit can provide you with the space needed to start a new business. Having inventory, merchandise and even equipment cluttering up the home can create many problems. Access to a private, secure or even climate-controlled storage environment ensures that you will have the space needed to get your new startup or venture off the ground.

Three: Home Upgrades and Renovations

Freeing up the space needed for renovations and other home-improvement projects can be a more challenging undertaking for households that are limited to only the storage solutions and environments found on-site. Moving the contents of a room or area into a storage unit is a quick and easy way to ensure that your next home upgrade can be undertaken with far greater ease.

Four: Moving and Relocation

Even under the best conditions, moving to a new location can often be an ordeal. Renting a storage unit can allow you to store items without having to worry about moving dates and time tables. For larger households and even modest-sized businesses, access to a storage unit before and after a move can help to ensure that the entire process is a smooth and issue-free as possible.

Stop worrying where to store your things when doing home upgrades and renovations. Keep everything organized by finding available storage units near you.
Stop worrying where to store your things when doing home upgrades and renovations. Keep everything organized by finding available storage units near you.

Five: Seasonal Storage

From lawn-care equipment to bicycles and patio furniture, finding a safe place to store seasonal items through the winter or during the rest of the year could be easier than you might expect. Trying to cram everything into a garage or closet can make finding specific items all but impossible. Renting a storage unit can make it much easier to store and retrieve seasonal items.

Seeking Out the Best Storage Solutions

Storing items and belongings in the home or workplace could prove to be a costly mistake. Freeing up the space and environments that may be better utilized in other ways can allow you to make the most of your property. Safe, secure and cost-effective storage solutions that can provide you with greater flexibility and convenience may not be a resource that you can afford to pass up. Seeking out the best storage solutions will allow you to tackle everything from home renovations to planning your next move with greater ease and success.

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